Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers 2017
Certent: The Financial Reporting Pioneers

Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers 2017

The boundless potential of modern IT has transformed into a multi-ended tool for Fintech, and more so for financial reporting. The age of the outdated centralized IT has given way to modern developments in cloud platforms and powerful data capture mechanisms, bolstered by more flexible technology infrastructures.

Nevertheless, financial reporting, as an essential process, continues to place much of its focus today on providing relevant information for investors and achieving a better quality of corporate reporting. Extended analytical capabilities with technology extend tremendous potential in business model reporting, better policy and practice in the disclosure of dividends and in driving significant improvements in cash flow statements.

Developments in all of these spheres really rally the intent of pushing the envelope on better quality reporting, something that is fundamental to the study and comprehension of a company and its performance. Every key player involved in the auditing, financial reporting and regulatory performance area must be wary in their pursuit to ensure higher quality standards.

To lend better perspective on the financial reporting technology landscape, we have examined the cream of the financial reporting solutions providers, who are at the bleeding edge of the arena. The prized panel of CFOs and analysts on CFO Tech Outlook’s editorial board have dissected the industry and recognized the key players.

With this in hindsight, we proudly to present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers - 2017.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
cBEYONData Helps CFOs to automate their practice and give them better data visibility and transparency
Certent A leading provider of software and services for equity compensation and financial disclosure management and reporting
Dynamo Software Provides configurable, cloud-based relationship management, investment management, and reporting solutions for the alternative assets industry
GTreasury GTreasury’s TMS offers a full suite of solutions that shed light on an organization’s cash and liquidity, manage exposures and risks, and automates and streamlines treasury processes
Innovus Partners Innovus Partners provides financial reporting and intelligence services on the Oracle/Hyperion platform
LeaseAccelerator, Inc Delivers an enterprise lease accounting application that complies with new standards and offers cost savings
MicroStrategy Incorporated Helps accounting departments consolidate data from numerous sources, providing real-time insight that can help accelerate financial close and streamline reporting processes
Sage Intacct, Inc Provider of cloud-based ERP software that delivers automated billing, accounting and reporting for startups and public companies
Vena Solutions Provider of budgeting, revenue forecasting and reporting software that offers powerful reporting and advanced analytics with Microsoft excel
Workiva Delivers cloud-based platform Wdesk for reporting, compliance, and data management