Innovus Partners: The Financial Reporting Game-Changers

Innovus Partners: The Financial Reporting Game-Changers

CIO VendorRJ Linehan, Managing Partner
Financial reporting should be a business-empowering process, but a de-facto quandary of manual processes and a lack of financial performance intelligence turn it into a laborious and inefficient task. Financial organizations spend their valuable time on building out reports manually on a periodic basis rather than deriving any meaningful intelligence from the data held within their reporting system, which results in an ad hoc process. By partnering with Oracle and delivering innovative enterprise performance management and business intelligence solutions, Innovus Partners enables organizations to streamline internal and external financial reporting processes, and combine data and narrative in a single and collaborative environment. The firm follows a disciplined and proven approach to deliver results that create superior value for a financial organization.

Innovus takes a collaborative and agile approach to understand the specific reporting needs of a customer to reduce the manual formatting or processes and deliver a transparent and flexible financial reporting process. “We engage with a customer and deliver the solutions after we deliberate and ponder on the pain-points that they have,” says RJ Linehan, managing partner of Innovus. The firm understands the requirements of the client by collaborating with the functional and IT users and delivers the required financial reporting intelligence by leveraging Oracle EPM and BI technologies. The result is a robust financial reporting solution with auditing capabilities and interoperability. Innovus brings its experience, understanding, and design capabilities to create dashboards, scorecards, and mobile solutions to improve a firm’s financial reporting and analysis.

Being an Oracle Partner and Cloud Excellence Implementer allows the company to stay at the forefront of upcoming technological trends, and partner with their clients to navigate the complexities of delivering the firm’s vision of financial reporting across the enterprise.

Innovus Partners enable organizations to streamline internal and external financial reporting processes, and combine data and narrative in a single and collaborative environment

“We have been a long time partner with Oracle and have built a strong relationship with the sales and product development teams at Oracle. This endows us with the information on the latest disruptions and allows us to serve the clients in an informative manner,” adds Linehan. Innovus recently delivered a flexible and transparent financial reporting solution for a large utility company with a 14,000 strong work force. The firm understood the precise needs of their client and assisted them in successfully deploying digital functionality and supporting the modeling and planning needs of their employees’ financial reporting by leveraging their partnership with Oracle. The aftermath of the implementation speaks for Innovus’ robust approach, as the client engaged with them again for building an extended solution for their organizational process.

Linehan believes that their functional experts’ extensive and exclusive business knowledge is what steers them ahead of the competition curve. “Most of our clients partner with us as we can support them in every operational dimension whether it is related to business or IT,” states Linehan. Being an EPM, business intelligence and data warehouse specialist and a business leader, Linehan ensures that his team is a well-balanced lot of technical and functional experts, which translates into a passionate and ever-interesting work culture.

Having established themselves as one of the leading organizations in delivering innovative financial reporting services, Innovus Partners believes that the push to the cloud will impact them greatly. “By injecting cloud technology into our solution portfolio, we will partner with our clients to provide them a competitive advantage in the financial reporting marketplace.”