Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers - 2018

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Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers - 2018

Financial reporting takes a pivotal position in any business by helping the management engage in effective decision-making. The company’s overall objectives and strategies, and monitoring of their financial health is optimized. A vital aspect of running a business, financial reports provide greater visibility and insight into business operations including monetary history, adherence to tax laws, compliance with SEC standards, employee and department productivity, and return on investment. Further, legal compliance and stakeholder confidence depends upon the detailed information in financial reports.

Numerous financial reporting solutions have been developed to maximize the efficiency and reliability of a company’s reporting functions. These solutions effectively automate the collection of financial data and accurately track trends that affect business goals. The increasing automation of financial reporting has resulted in many benefits, including reduced time and labor, improved search capabilities, and efficient extraction and formatting of the required information. Additionally, firms can more effectively monitor if specific policies and protocols are being followed across the company.

Financial reporting solution providers have leveraged the features of the latest automation, cloud, and analytics technologies to empower the capacities of the businesses and maximize the efficiency of financial handling. The solution providers have developed real-time, cloud-based financial data consolidation and business intelligence tools to increase the workflow efficiencies in accounting, franchises, and multi-unit business markets. By integrating the planning, consolidation, reporting, modeling, and analytics into an accessible solution, the enterprises have a broader scope at digital development of the finances with compliance to codes and transparent reporting. The adoptions of financial reporting solutions in the firms will not only present a reporting process that is fast, easy, and accurate, in complex financial environments but is also relevant, accurate and actionable in terms of information obtained. With the utilization of automation and analytics, automated expense reports can be obtained regularly without delays from the system. It can also be engaged to manage the inventories and calculate the accurate costing of the tasks and expenses for any duration, supporting the audit controls and seamlessly processing.

The automated processing and the intuitive nature of the technological solution in financial reporting secure corporate data, analytics, advisory services, and strategically approaches every interaction with precision. The BI-based aspect of the solution delivers the speed, self-service, and agility among the front-line business workers demand, in scale, security, and control to comply scrupulous corporate data standards effectively.

Regardless of an enterprise’s size, financial reporting and management are the keys to determine whether the internal goals and budgets are being met efficiently without any discrepancies. In the current competitive business market, financial reporting solutions have become essential to reduce accounting costs and boost efficiency.

To lend a better perspective of the financial reporting solution landscape, we have examined leading financial reporting solution providers and narrowed it down to 10 choices. Our distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, industry analysts, and CFO Tech Outlook’s editorial board has thoroughly analyzed the industry and recognized vital players.

We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers – 2018.”

    Top Financial Reporting Companies

  • AST


    American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC (AST) is a full-service provider, tech-enabled professional services firm that assists companies and shareholders across North America to maintain momentum through the use of secure corporate data, analytics, advisory services, and a strategic approach to every interaction. Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, AST has pioneered a new model of integrated services with which the Company leads the industry with a comprehensive portfolio that includes transfer agent and registrar services, corporate governance and advisory services, issuer and mutual fund proxy services, equity plan solutions, restructuring services, and class action and mission-critical services

  • Entertainment Partners (EP) is the globally renowned entity in entertainment payroll, workforce management, residuals, tax incentives, finance, and other integrated production management solutions. Currently, on a mission to digitize the paper-heavy back-office processes, EP is the production partner in the evolution of the entertainment industry. EP collaborates with its clients to help them produce the most cost-effective and efficient film, television, digital, and commercial projects. Its accounting systems and Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling programs are the industry standards. EP’s Production Incentives group is the industry’s most experienced incentives team, assisting productions all over the world

  • LucaNet is a provider of Financial Performance Management software for consolidation, planning, reporting & analysis, designed by accountants for the Office of Finance professional. The company’s agile, fresh, and simple software is entirely focused on the Office of Finance, combining an innovative approach with modern architecture and interfaces. Its automated processes and intuitive nature provide simple to use software which delivers rapid implementation and only better user experience. It is particularly suited to the Small to Mid-Market, where features such as built-in Financial Intelligence and Plug and Play features offer an attractive and feature-rich business solution

  • Adagio Accounting software is designed for small to mid-sized companies that have an accounting office. The accounting function is managed by trained accountants rather than by the owner-operator. It is designed to support the processes and audit controls of growing businesses. The company provides powerful and user-friendly financial reporting while offering inventory management with an accurate costing. It also helps best in class audit controls. Adagio software enables the accounting department to quickly and efficiently enter large volumes of transactions. Adagio processes transactions in groups, or batches, rather than one-by-one in real-time

  • Birst


    Birst is the only enterprise business intelligence platform that connects the entire organization through a network of interwoven virtualized BI instances on-top a shared standard analytical fabric. Birst enterprise BI delivers the speed, self-service, and agility front-line business workers demand, and the scale, security, and control to meet rigorous corporate data standards. Birst provides all of this and much more with low TCO via public or private cloud configurations. The company enables local data enrichment with trusted global views with end-user data blending on networked data along with Adaptive UX and Open Client Interface, which support different analytic styles

  • ExpensePoint


    ExpensePoint is an online employee expense report solution provided by GlobalPoint Technologies Incorporated. GlobalPoint Technologies has been providing automated expense report software since 2000 and maintains excellent global client relationships in over 65 countries. ExpensePoint is deployed in over 65 countries spanning every continent.The company is dedicated solely to helping companies establish truly 'best-in-class' online automated expense management programs. This is accomplished by providing customers with an opportunity to implement its world-class automated expense management solution, ExpensePoint. The goal is to ensure full access to expense management knowledge and expertise

  • Foresight Intelligence

    Foresight Intelligence

    Foresight Intelligence consolidates financial information. The company allows the clients to arm its teams with the most relevant, accurate, and actionable information always available for quicker reactions and better data-driven business decisions. Data from all the departments of the business systems are automatically collected and consolidated to generate and distribute reports, freeing the team to focus on other strategic goals. User-based access and permissions make information distribution safe and effective. Foresight Intelligence determines who has the capability to see what, with as much or as little detail required

  • FYIsoft


    FYIsoft is one of the leading providers of cloud financial reporting software. Over 8,500 finance professionals around the world rely on FYIsoft for a faster close. FYIsoft is focused on providing the software that makes the financial reporting process quick, easy, and accurate, even in complex financial environments. The talented team behind FYIsoft has decades of experience in areas including enterprise resource planning, finance and accounting, and information technology. The teams at FYIsoft have served in roles including CFOs, analysts, auditors, and consultants, and have combined this knowledge with an exceptional technical talent to develop the solutions

  • Host Analytics

    Host Analytics

    Host Analytics is the leading specialist provider of cloud-based connected financial planning and close solutions. The company provides a single, cloud-based EPM platform with everything the client's needs — planning, consolidation, modeling, reporting, and analytics — in one place and accessible to everyone from anywhere. It’s the only EPM built for finance, by finance. Host Analytics helps the client in automating these everyday processes to accelerate insights and shorten the time it takes to turn those insights into action. The result is a company that is nimble and efficient, regardless of size or complexity

  • Qvinci


    Qvinci is a producer of financial reporting solutions since 2007 and has been an intuit reporting partner since 2011. Qvinci is unique in its ability to support a wide range of accounting software including QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, and Excel and can be customized to support various other accounting files and systems. Qvinci’s mission is to develop and patent best-in-class, near real-time cloud-based financial data consolidation, reporting, business intelligence, and workflow management solutions for the accounting, franchise, and multi-unit business markets. Qvinci empowers decision-makers and their advisors with secure and automated ERP-like features and functionality that is cost-effective and easy-to-use