GTreasury: Bringing Visibility into Cash Liquidity

GTreasury: Bringing Visibility into Cash Liquidity

CIO VendorWarren Davey, EVP
Treasury management for long has been the lynchpin of an organization’s financial operation, providing visibility into cash flows while mitigating risks. A 2017 survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on global treasury reveals that 80 percent of respondents believe that cash flow forecasting is of critical importance for a company. However, till date, most finance teams subscribe to the spreadsheets system which becomes cumbersome to maintain as a company’s finances grow. For optimum financial reporting, what organizations need today is a scalable, SaaS solution that offers more than just tracking and recording of financial data. Enabling organizations to shed light on their liquidity through an integrated treasury management system (TMS), GTreasury offers a full suite of solutions that manages risks and automates treasury processes. The company uses a single system that caters to effective cash management, fund transfers, financial instruments, accounting, and banking needs.

Since effective treasury management can only be attained through complete cash visibility, GTreasury's cash positioning and reporting solution enables clients to have easy access to all financial data. The company has created application program interfaces (APIs) and web services to facilitate connectivity with third-party sources, and data related to cash activity is automatically retrieved from bank websites and uploaded onto a user's system. This eliminates the need for users to manually log on to a bank’s website for financial data and the treasury department is always up to date with an organization’s current cash position. “Integrating data from financial institutions in real time allows treasury departments to make timely and proactive cash decisions,” says Warren Davey, EVP, GTreasury. In addition, powerful treasury worksheets enable treasury professionals to predict future cash flows and make necessary adjustments with regard to changing economic positions.

Since the treasury department is expected to track and execute various kinds of financial transactions, the platform's Financial Instruments module centralizes all transactions.

Integrating data from financial institutions in real time allows treasury departments to make timely and proactive cash decisions

GTreasury’s flexible calculation engine enables users to track investment and debt activity, derivatives, or foreign exchange contracts. GTreasury tracks both sides of a financial instrument, the debts and the investments. Moreover, the platform's account analysis functionality can retrieve, process, and analyze bank fee statements and test them for accuracy against system activity.

Davey cites an instance where a Fortune 500 insurance company was using an archaic financial management system and did not have access to bank fee notes, or the document detailing the money that has been deducted from an account. With GTreasury stepping in, the client could securely connect to the bank and all cash allocations were identified and classified in an automated manner. Within a month, the insurance company realized that they had been overcharged $300,000 just on bank fees. With GTreasury’s timely reports, the client could adjust the additional fee and take necessary action.

Following a customer-centric approach, Davey says that every client is perceived as a partner and it is ensured that they receive maximum value out of the company’s treasury system. Considering themselves as an agile development shop, GTreasury constantly updates their platform according to client needs.

As organizations become more and more aware of the advantages of cash management and liquidity, GTreasury will continue to stay on the top of their game by bettering their integrated TMS. In addition, given the current threat on treasury systems from cyberattacks, GTreasury is committed to investing more in cybersecurity to thwart potential perpetrators. “This is an exciting time for fintech as disruption is around the corner and GTreasury will be a gamechanger in illuminating global liquidity,” ends Davey.