Dynamo Software: A Versatile Investment Management Tool

Dynamo Software: A Versatile Investment Management Tool

CIO VendorKrassen Draganov, Co-founder & CEO
When Colgate University—one of the U.S.’ esteemed liberal arts institutions—was overwhelmed by the manual tasks of consolidating its investment data, the educational institution found a force in the cloud-based investment tool developed by Dynamo Software—a premier provider of industry-specific, configurable investment management and reporting software for the global alternative assets industry since 1998. Dynamo Software’s tool was highly flexible and easily configurable, having the capability to eliminate spreadsheet-based workflows to provide reliable results faster. Backed by over ten years of experience in financial technology implementation, Dynamo Software’s project managers worked with Colgate University to deploy the versatile Dynamo platform that effectively streamlined and automated the client’s reporting processes along with other investment operations. The platform’s conformance to SOC 2 guidelines, and Dynamo Software’s expertise in ethical hacking, private cloud hosting, and two-factor authentication provided a highly secure environment for the university.

The cloud-based Dynamo platform is an ensemble of modules that can be fully configured to suit several niche workflows. It features a core library that has evolved over the years, featuring modules to cater to clients from myriad domains. The platform simplifies the reporting process for asset investment firms in accordance with the Institutional Limited Partners Association reporting standards to satisfy clients without compromising on internal and regulatory compliance. “For external reporting, we leverage both SQL Server Reporting Service and Tableau as our reporting tools to produce visually appealing presentations,” states Krassen Draganov, co-founder and CEO, Dynamo Software. The platform also delivers real-time data that can be exported to formats like Excel or PDF. Repetitive tasks are stored in the software’s memory system for quicker access.

Once implemented, the Dynamo platform eliminates manual data entry and automates data aggregation from several financial datasets.

“The platform intelligently structures complex relationships between datasets to create over 100 out-of-the-box, industry-specific reports through an ad-hoc reporting engine,” mentions Draganov. Fund managers can deliver reports to investors through the Dynamo Investor Portal, while a dedicated fundraising portal allows companies to reach out to prospective investors through marketing campaigns. The platform allows for the creation of independent investor portfolios wherein the data can be tracked from an integrated analytics module called Dynamo Analytics. Furthermore, the platform easily integrates with third party data providers to enrich in-house information while investment managers receive access to a Dynamo Portal for performance and holding updates. Meanwhile, the mobile version of the platform—the DynaMobile app—provides untethered access while on the road.

The platform intelligently structures complex relationships between datasets to create over 100 out-of-the-box, industry-specific reports through an ad-hoc reporting engine

Best-in-class implementation of the feature-rich Dynamo platform, backed by exceptional support has resulted in the company enjoying a 99 percent satisfaction from over 400 clients. Among them is LaSalle Investment Management—an internationally renowned real estate investment manager— that used a CRM system that was unintuitive, did not offer adequate levels of transparency, and duplicated information across several isolated programs, which hindered data management. Once the client leveraged the core Dynamo platform, the Dynamo Investor Portal, and the DynaMobile app to facilitate fluid investor communications, LaSalle optimized acquisitions, marketing, investor relations, and investor reporting initiatives across its 24 global offices.

Since its inception, Dynamo Software highly values customer feedback and orients its product roadmap accordingly. The company brings all its clients together during the annual user conference called the Dynamo University, which serves as a forum for attendees to discuss the optimization of the platform through educational sessions, one-on-one training, and networking with peers. “Dynamo Software has been a client-driven development company and will always remain so,” concludes Draganov.